Positive music = positive thoughts! Want a playlist matching this equation?

Today I want to talk to you a little about sciency stuff! 

Alright, most of you might have noticed by now that I am a TOTAL fan of science!
But I am not here to bore you with drowsy facts. I'll make it quick, I promise!

We all know that when we listen to certain music, it wakes up feelings inside of us. But there's more!
Did you know that positive and sad music affects the way we interpret neutral faces? Even a short piece of either one made participants in a science study interpret a neutral face rather happy or sad, depending on the kind of music they were hearing before.

Isn't that amazing? And do you know what that means? 

It means that music does affect the way we feel! I always knew that, and I am sure you did, too! But this is official!

(If you DO want to dig a little deeper into the science, here's my source of info for this post.) 

That is why I have made myself a playlist with only positive songs. Not only cool beats but also empowering lyrics!
And of course I am not keeping it to myself!

You can listen to it, too!!
Either here on Spotify, or over here on my Youtube channel.
Or you can download this checklist I have made for you, so you can search for the songs on your platform of choice. Just sign up for my resource library and it's YOURS RIGHT NOW!!

I have put only songs with a rather quick beat on this list, because I made it for my february goal of a strong & confident body! This includes a lot of MOVING (and another lot of SELF LOVE)!!

Well, that's all for today, folks!
I really hope you enjoy the playlist AND are motivated to SHAKE your body a little MORE!! And let me know your favorite songs in the comments! We could really use some more for the playlist, don't you think?

Have an incredibly good day!



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