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20 awesome things to do to start loving yourself more

I believe that a happy life can be achieved by learning 4 basic steps: LOVING YOURSELF, THINKING POSITIVELY, VISUALIZING AND GOAL SETTING.

This week is all about SELF LOVE. And man, this is an important one! It's actually the base of the basics, you know what I mean? Without self love there can't be no positive thinking, and therefore no happy life…

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How and why to be your very own Happy Valentine

No matter if you’re in a relationship or not, you just can’t get passed St. Valentine’s Day without noticing the hearts, the greeting cards, the flowers and the offerings of what THE BEST romantic gesture for your loved one is.

And I’m a total fan of going with the flow and make the best of the chances we get to celebrate love! But I also want to remind you that love should be in us and around us each and every day!

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How to have a happy married life after kids

So you’re life has been amazing so’ve married the man of your dreams and now you both have grown into a little family! You’re children are your biggest and purest joy.

Of course your beautiful responsibilities consume quite a bit of your time. And through financial, parenting & other family decision, talks & sometimes even discussions, you both are in parent mode most of the time.

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