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How to use your favorite planner to effectively change your life

Today I’m going to dive into my love affair with planners. But don’t worry - I’ll make it non-awkward! I promise!

Most of us - and by that I mean me around 3 years ago as well - are pretty obsessed with finding the perfect planner! You think that it will help you organize your stuff. You think you’ll get more done and that it will help you reach your goals faster.

And you know what? You’re right! A good planner can do all those things! But a better planner could do SO.MUCH.MORE!

I see my planner as my life’s playbook! It helps me organize and schedule my to-dos and other responsibilities. But it’s also part journal, part goal planner, part gratitude log. It’s where I write down thoughts, visions and fears, it’s where I track my habits and work on my health.

Let me tell you what a GREAT planner should be able to make possible for you!

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