10+ things to do in the morning to mess up your whole day

How you start your mornings can absolutely determine if your day goes great or rather sideways! So here are 10+ things to avoid! And remember to sign up to get your FREE workbook!! http://bit.ly/messupyourday
If you ever wondered why you can't stay positive and energized through your days, read THIS new post and don't forget to download the FREE WORKBOOK at the end!
If you ever wondered why you can't stay positive and energized through your days, read THIS new post and don't forget to download the FREE WORKBOOK at the end!

How many times have I read about what to do to have a healthy morning routine, or how to prep for productivity in the mornings…

And although those posts are really helpful, we often read them and can’t really relate because our mornings look just so DIFFERENT from that.

So I thought: how about I change the perspective? What if I put the cart before the horse? I really felt like we could all relate more to this kind of list. Shall we dive in?

1. Hit the snooze button at least 3 times

This has been my first mistake every single morning since the snooze button was invented! This tiny button is one big pretender...it pretends to give you time to get more sleep. But what it’s actually doing is robbing you.

Of your morning freshness (because who is really still fresh after hitting this sneaky robber 3 times), of the things you WANTED to do when you set your alarm in the first place, of the sleep you’d ACTUALLY be getting if you set your alarm to the time you really DO need to get out of bed.

Stop cheating on yourself. If you want to get up at a certain time - GET UP! If you don’t need to get up yet than change the alarm time!

Do you need help? I got you: put your phone in another room. You’ll force yourself to get up to TURN the alarm OFF. It’ll be easier to actually stay up, trust me! ;)

BONUS if you're using an app for the alarm like 90 % of us human beings: Did you know that you can turn off the snooze option? Just sayin'.

2. Start the day by opening up facebook as soon as you open your eyes

This one is tricky if you keep your phone right beside you during the night. That first glance at your phone in the morning...that red dot with a white number right in the corner of the facebook app telling you how many messages or updates you missed…
Let me tell you one thing: NO IMPORTANT message is going to reach you over facebook. An important message to me is that your mom broke a leg or that your kids need to be picked up early from kindergarten today because their teacher got sick. Guess which one of these messages would reach you through facebook? Exactly - NONE!
The first moments of your day should be used:

  1. to kiss your boo good morning

  2. to cuddle with your kids

  3. to meditate

  4. to do stretching

And that’s about it…
Give your mornings the opportunity to start with thoughts and feelings that are important to YOU, instead of being bombarded with what the outer world thinks is important.
Try this: you should turn off any push notifications from your facebook app. AND you should turn off those red notification bubbles from ALL of your apps for that matter...especially those from your social media apps.

3. Think about ALL the boring routined things you have to do that day

If your first thought is about all the BORING and UNWANTED tasks that you have to accomplish that day, there’s two possible things happening:

  1. either you don’t have enough silver linings throughout your day, like things that really motivate you

  2. or you DO have enough GOOD things in your day but you unconsciously choose to only think about the boring and unwanted ones…

Both ways can be fixed of course. So you either need to start thinking about more ways you can enrich your life, OR you need to incorporate some kind of mindful activity into your mornings, like meditation.

I can totally get you fixed up for the former:

So you want to do MORE of what makes you excited and happy throughout your day? I have a workbook in my resource library that is just for you!

4. Complain to your husband and kids about it

If problem number three has been yours lately, then chances are you’ve also dealt with number four. You get up and one of the first things you do is tell your husband how you’re NOT looking forward to doing this or that!

BAM! You’re not only concentrating on the negative in your own mind, you’ve also passed the negativity to your loved ones.

I get it, my husband is my most important sharing person as well. And that is why we’ve set up the rule to focus on positivity TOGETHER!

So every time I get sucked into the routine of raving about something, he gives me that look...you know the one where he lowers his chin and looks at me from above his glasses…

And especially with my kids I’ve been trying to avoid the complaining. They’re so little and I really want to be a positive role model for them. That’s why I rather ask them what they’re looking forward to each day. Because I’ll always remember this quote (unfortunately I don’t remember who said it): “The way we talk to our kids becomes their inner voice.”
So by teaching them how to focus on the positive thoughts, I also start influencing their future in a positive way...and all that by asking them 1 simple positive question in the morning...talk about Butterfly Effect, right?

5. Have a coffee right away

Uuuuuhhhh...big one for me. Did I ever mention we have a full on coffee maker at home? In fact, it was one of the first things my husband and I bought TOGETHER as a couple. Yeah, that’s right, and it makes us as many Lattes and Cappuccinos as we want, and it even knows which temperature and coffee intensity we love most. It even knows our names for crying out loud.

So now you might see why me telling you you shouldn’t have a coffee first thing in the morning is a HUGE thing.
But I stand by this fact. Your body just spent the night regenerating from the day before. All the food, water, all the chemicals and toxins that were entering your body the day before have been stored and recycled properly. And it’s just ready to do the same thing today…
That’s why you need to prep it with some fluids and a few vitamins to get it rolling.
Like tea, or infused water. Or maybe you’re more of a juicer. Great, then do that.

6. Do NOT eat breakfast

Which brings us directly to the next point. If you don’t want to fall into an energy slump even before noon and get crazy craves in the afternoon right after lunch, then you should give your body at least a tiny breakfast. How about some good old porridge? Or maybe you’re more of a smoothie-in-the-morning kind of person. That’s ok, too! Make sure it’s full of vitamins, protein and good fats. That’ll keep you saturated AND full of energy ‘til lunch.

You’ll be more productive, motivated and even in a better mood! And that energy will keep you going to get anything done that you need to tackle your goals, love your body and soul, spend quality time with your family AND work on some passion projects.

7. Leave the dishes from the night before so you wake up to a dirty kitchen

This is the thing my husband and I fought about most in the first years of our marriage - the dirty dishes! We both hate doing them. And dare I say that we HAVE a dishwasher? That means we don’t even need to get our hands dirty to do them. It’s just putting our things INTO the machine that then does the work FOR US! Shame on us for avoiding even THAT!

And let me tell you, finding those same dirty dishes in the morning is the worst! You come into the kitchen and the first thing you lay your eyes on are yesterday’s unfinished business…How metaphorical is that?!

So please, please just do the damn dishes after the meal, or at least once in the evening. And so the first thing you see in the morning is a clean kitchen. Kind of like a clean slate, don’t you think?

8. Get out of the house without kissing your husband goodbye

This is a NO-NO! I know after a couple of years of marriage sometimes things get a little too comfortable. Or routined. But your husband still is your partner in crime, the sugar to your coffee or the salt to your soup (whichever one you prefer - mine is obvious...ahem). Even if things get rough between you two sometimes, let this kissing goodbye be your anchor.

Even if you’re kind of mad at each other, wishing him a good day should be the least thing you can do to show him the respect he deserves for being your partner.
Yes, fighting is totally normal! But the minute we start losing the respect for one another, that’s the day most marriages are doomed to fail.

There’s one exception: if you go out the house when your spouse is still asleep. Well then make sure you send him a text instead of a kiss...or leave him a note on the bathroom mirror. Be creative. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!!

9. Get up with just about enough time to get dressed, shuffle your kids to school and get to work on time...and all that in a HURRY!

If you get out of the house stressed - you’re waking up too late.
Your mornings should be well prepared and include enough time to get ready PLUS a little me-time if possible. Let’s say you’ve got kids that need to be prepped and brought to school, and husband’s lunches to be made. Then you should calculate enough time for THAT, PLUS 20 minutes for yourself.

And I don’t mean the getting ready part in the bathroom. I mean 20 minutes to sit down and have your breakfast, meditate, do stretching or prep your to-do list for the day. Throw in a few minutes to journal - that’s my favorite morning routine. Make sure you leave that 20 minutes EXCITED for the day ahead. And make sure you leave the house with enough time to do whatever you need to do and get to work on time. Your blood pressure will thank you!

10. Move your body as little as humanly possible

So you take the majority of your steps when you go from the bedroom to the bathroom and then to your kitchen in the morning? Well, I don’t need to tell you that that’s not enough, right? RIGHT?

Moving your body in the morning is like giving your body fuel! This and breakfast are the two best ways to feel energized for HOURS! And no, it’s not about the calories! It’s about keeping your movements smooth. You don’t want that body of yours to get all rusty and corroded, do you?

Especially if you’re feeling stiff coming out of bed in the morning, a little yoga or even just stretching can do wonders! And that feeling is going to stay with you all day.


If you have a job where you need to commute more than an hour each way, you get some extra points...stress points that is…

You might love your job (I really hope you do), but if your commute is longer than an hour per way, you need to re-evaluate your work-life-balance. Science shows that long-time commuters have higher stress levels and are sick more often than others. It’s just not worth any money in the world. Just sayin’.

So what do you think? Which one of these 10+ things is the one you identify with the most? Or is it all of them? Do you know another thing to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

And don’t forget to download the workbook for FREE!!

This powerful exercise changed my life and I know it can change yours!

Have an incredibly good day!



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