How to easily write your family’s statement of purpose

A statement of purpose for your family will make you grow a little closer and live a little bolder! Download the workbook to learn how!

If you know anything about me or my business, then you know that my mission is this:

I help women all over the world break free from their mind-numbing and self-depreciating daily routine and be intentional and loving with themselves, their surroundings and their relationships.

Being intentional means being driven by a purpose. And involving the most important people in your life has quite a few benefits.

1. You'll be able to share this journey with your loved ones! You won't be alone in this!
2. You'll be more likely to actually LIVE intentionally as you'll have people to hold you accountable.
3. You'll have a hell of a bonding experience with them!
4. You'll be able to extend living intentionally not only to your personal experience, but also to your family life.

So now that you know the benefits of living an intentional life WITH your family, I'll tell you what a family statement of purpose is.


A family's statement of purpose is also called a family mission statement.
Now you can give it any name you want. The purpose is to bring you and your family closer together. To be more of a team. And to GROW together.

I must admit that every time I think of a family mission statement, my thoughts immediately go to the Scots. Over centuries, every family had its own emblem, its own customs, hell, even its own pattern of cloth!
And even though our kind of statement is definitely more modern, the outcome is pretty much the same. To have an ideal to identify with. And to have a kind of rough marching route in case you have to make big decisions.
It's also something to be proud of, to be aligned with your roots.


Before you get freaked out about how this could unintentionally influence your kids development or how this can limit your family life, please keep reading.

Because there are a few ground rules that I want you to follow that will most certainly blow all your doubts away!

Rule no. 1: Every single member of your family will be involved in developing this statement. This makes sure that everyone's opinions and thoughts are being heard. No matter how little your children, as soon as they can express how they feel, they're in!

Rule no. 2: Every person goes through a certain development in his/her life. Everyone grows each and every day, making room for new ideas and of course new dreams and wishes. That is why I encourage you to do this exercise every year! The time around Christmas and New Year's always seem pretty inviting, don't you think?

Rule no. 3: No harsh comments or laughing at someone allowed. Opening up can feel daunting and scary for some people, so you don't want anything to make them feel discouraged or misunderstood. Every opinion is VALID and must be taken seriously! Especially kids should be familiarized with this rule! Side effect: they are going to feel like they are an important contributor to the family's happiness! Which automatically brings me to the last rule!

Rule no. 4: This is supposed to be a gratifying and FUN experience for everyone. Especially for older kids, sitting down with the family isn't really the "coolest". And the husbands thoughts are hard to bring to light sometimes (sorry, hubby!). So make sure you let everyone know how important their partaking is to bringing the family forward.
And if this doesn't work - just bring grilled meat and sweet treats to the me, works like a charm every time! ;)

Now before we can even get started, I need you to download the workbook to get prepared and to write things down once you've got your family together. You can download it right here!


Your next move is to invite everyone to the fun family gathering. Be honest about what you're planning to do with them that day. And get them involved into the preparations. Tell everyone to chose their favorite food to contribute. Take the time to make it WITH them if they can't do it on their own yet. Your goal is to get everyone excited about this family time.

A few days before the fun event, it's time to get everyone's thoughts flowing. So I want you to hand them the first preparing 4 questions. You'll find them in the workbook.
Because let's face it, almost no one walks around actually thinking stuff like: "In which situations do I love my family best?".
We all FEEL it, but we don't put it into actual words and phrases. So this is what the 4 questions are all about.

I also want you to introduce everyone to the list of core values. You'll find it right here:

I am sure there are other printable options out there (you can search for them on Pinterest), if you'd prefer that, but this list is pretty extensive, that's why I recommend it.

If you have little children, you should shorten that list to only words they would easily understand. If they are 5 and younger, I would omit the list altogether and simply ask them to describe words that come to their mind. 


The day of the gathering, I want you to start with the food. Eat and drink your favorite foods and drinks first thing. Then when you're getting ready for desserts, I want you to get out the workbook and start diggin' in.

Every family member choses 10 core values he/she considers important. In the workbook you'll find room for 4 family member's values. But of course you can print that page several times depending on the size of your family.

After you have your first draft, it's time to search for similarities. Are there any words that ALL of you have chosen? If so, put them directly into your final draft of 10 core values.

The final list is supposed to have no more than 10 words. So depending on the spots you've already filled, now is the time to split the remaining spots equally among the family. Every one deserves to fill the same amount of spots. If the splitting doesn't add up, chose who is to fill up an additional spot.
Remember ground rule no. 3: There's no trying to convince someone to chose another word, no laughing at someone because of their choice.


Once every last spot is filled, it's time to get the champagne out. Because you've just set the foundation for your family's future. Filled with companionship and support. Of course with love also comes responsibility. Everyone should be urged to follow these guidelines to his/her best ability. And everyone should also remind the others to do it in case someone needs a reminder.


Of course this is not the end of the exercise. Now it's time to make this pretty & understandable. And maybe even displayable. Put every word into a sentence. Here's a few examples:

"In this family, we make _________ a priority."
"This home relies on __________."
"In this house, we live with ___________ every day."

There's another great example with the word "courage" inside the workbook. I'm sure you get the feeling...
You could also go ahead and find simpler synonyms for the feelings or character traits you chose.
Of course you can let everyone put it's own chosen words into sentences, or maybe the other way around. Let someone else put YOUR words into sentences and vice versa. Or maybe one of your family members is GREAT with words and makes your statement fun and entertaining to read for everyone.


If you're ready to share this statement with the world, you should go ahead and make it printable. There's quite a few options for that on the internet, even completely FREE options.

My favorite option is CANVA. This platform has a ton of free options AND it's good even for those who are NOT graphic designers.

Before you get skeptical: No, this is not an affiliate link. I just <3 Canva! :)

Now I would LOVE to hear about your experiences with this family tradition. Was it easy to get everyone on board? How did you feel once your statement was written? Proud? Scared maybe?
Go on and tell us in the comments.
And remember: sharing is caring! :)


Have an incredibly good day!



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