Visualizing 101 - 5 ways to bring your future into existence

Close your eyes and teach your brain to feel the things your WANT to feel and to DO the things you WANT to do! It's easy and POWERFUL! Let me give you a masterguide on how to visualize!
Did you know that your mind is THE most powerful tool on your way to being happy and successful? In this post I share 5 ways to visualize your future and how to get started today!
Did you know that your mind is THE most powerful tool on your way to being happy and successful? In this post I share 5 ways to visualize your future and how to get started today!

Every day we have around 70.000 thoughts (alright, some say between 12k and 55k, some say it's more than that. Let's just say: manymanymany). I mean: HOLY MOLY!
And according to most coaches, scientists, psychologists and even so-called spiritual leaders, those thoughts are the bricks that build our lives. Because what we think about is what we supposedly care about.

And so that is what we put our most energy into, agreed?
And you know what? All those thoughts are mostly neutral or negative. Neutral like thinking about checking our to do list or planning for someone's birthday. Or negative like: "OMG look at all those wrinkles!!" while looking in the mirror. Or: "I can't do this anymore!", "I am sick of my job!", "What if we can't pay our mortgage next month?", "I am certainly doing something wrong as a parent!", etc. The list is endless!

All these last thoughts are not only existent and that's it. They evoke negative feelings and therefore make us put negativity into our actions. And out of putting negative energy into our actions can only come negative results.

What consumes your mind, controls your life. Here's how to use your mind to visualize positivity and create your dream life!

I am not a scientist, but I have been a happiness researcher for the last 20 years and a coach for the last 10, and believe me, my thoughts are my first priority when it comes to searching for tools for more happiness and a more satisfying and successful life.
And yet, I still have at least 30% negative thoughts. Not because I am bad at my job, but because we humans have built-in and automized believes that are really persistent and were formerly life-saving.

And so I am here today, to open your eyes and tell you two things:

1. Visualizing tools to get more positivity into your life
2. One way we all are ruining our happiness without even knowing it.

Just follow along and you will understand my approach, I promise! Let's start then with the visualizing tools:


This is the most simple way of visualizing. Just cut or print out or just write down any quote that sparks inspiration. And here's the two main sources of inspiration I use to find those bits:

My favorite magazines: 
I just love browsing in my favorite magazines for bits of words that get me inspired. And I have found something in EVERY SINGLE MAGAZINE I have read! So if you ever hear the sound of paper being torn apart, it's probably me „reading“ a magazine. HA!

As life gets more and more paperless, I have come to find a new source of inspiration. And the best part: it's FREE!! Pinterest is a rather new platform out there that not everyone has discovered yet, so let me tell you how it works:
You just sign up, then you search for ANY keyword that comes into your mind (cake toppings, quotes, positive images, wedding dresses, literally ANYTHING!), and then get ready to be sucked in to a wave of inspiration!
Whatever image strikes your interest, you can „pin“ it to your very first „pinboard“. For example I have a board for every room in my home, for hair styles, make-up, wardrobes, and so on!!
Trust me, as soon as you try it, you will be amazed! But be cautious, it's seriouly addictive!

You can save any picture to your computer and then print out your favorites! Please remember to use these pics for personal use only!!!

Now that we're at it...if you're just starting out with Pinterest, or if you just want to have a board filled with inspirational images, I have a LOT going on on my Pinterest let's be pinning-pals:


This is a more centralized version than having the tiny bits of paper everywhere in your home. It's a designated place, like a pinboard (a real one this time) or a cardboard or the back of your bedroom door or anything like that. You can pin or paste everything you dream of or want to achieve within a certain period of time on that designated place. Make sure you look at that board every day or at least every couple of days, so that you keep in touch with your goals and wishes. Remember, the more you think about something, the more energy you invest in it.


A vision book is also centralized, but portable! I have had vision books since I was a teenager. I could sit around all day making collages of what I was dreaming of! It's such a creative and fun way to spend time.

Nowadays I have a vision book for our home. Again, one section for every room in our home. First page has all the details about the room like dimensions and location of door and windows. The second page has all the details about the colors we would like to have. And the next pages are all about ideas we would like to realize in that room! Not every idea gets a shot, but you also never run out.

A great idea for a vision book could be to tackle your wardrobe. Collect ideas of what you could wear for different occasions. So one section for the job, one section for playdates with your kids, one section for date night outfits. And so on.

If you want to update your look and finally wear things you truely love, this could be the way to find out what your style is and how to match things.


There are tons of ways of visualizing with your thoughts. Meditation, autogenous training, dream journeys, etc. But what almost no one has in mind is that you can not only visualize an event in advance, you can also review a moment in the past, that made you feel any kind of negativity like anger of frustration. But before I get deeper into this, let me tell what exactly happens to our body during this kind of visualization:



Back in the 1980's motivational speaker Denis Waitley worked with the american olympic team. He hooked them up to sophisticated bio-feedback equipment and then asked them to run the races they were going to make during the competition, but only in their minds. The results were astonishing. The same muscles fired at the same time as they would have fired in the real race. Same goes for the brain reaction. The same areas showed response as if the race was taking place at that exact time.



But what exactly does that mean for our visualization plans? Well, it means that our body and brain can't distinguish if it's really happening or if it's only in our minds.

But as I mentioned above, you can also review an unsatisfying experience. Let's say you had a fight with a college. You got angry and couldn't solve the situation with him or her. Right before you go to sleep you can recap that situation in your mind and give it the turn you want! That way you train your mind for the next time you're in that kind of critical situation and can give it a better outcome.

This old quote by Walt Disney is a great reminder of the power of your mind! Learn more about how to use your mind to create a beautiful life!


This is the most natural way of visualization. And we have been doing it since we were kids without even knowing how powerful it was. The good thing is: as grown-ups we can bring this tool to perfection.

Because we can choose to use it to daydream only positive thoughts and ideas. You should make this ritual fun! Get your favorite drink or a cup of coffee, lay back on your favorite spot of your home, your couch, your balcony or even your bed, and then get the daydreaming going! You can daydream ANYTHING you want. Dream yourself to your favorite location, to success, to your perfect fitness, ANYTHING!

But, I hereby forbid you to feel sad or frustrated for not ACTUALLY being there. Just enjoy the options. Enjoy your fantasy. Enjoy your thoughts!

By the way...if you hop on over to my resource library, you'll find a workbook on exactly this topic! It's called DAYDREAM YOUR DREAM DAY! With this workbook, you can find out what exactly you want to spend your day doing. And then bring this utopia to life!
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And now to the most important part of this blog post. You know the we're-all-not-even-considering-part I was talking about? 
We have talked about how powerful visualizing is, right? Well then now you get how important the things and the people around you actually are. You are visually nurtured by everything you see, smell, feel or sense in any given way!
Also, you are nurtured by every person you spend time with.
By the things you talk about.
And by the feelings you feel wherever you are.

Whether you are at home, at work, with your family, in nature, everything you feel affects your life in some way.

Now, shouldn't we be more picky about the things we surround ourselves with and the people we deal with? 
Shouldn't it be our first priority to surround ourselves with things that we love, that spark inspiration and good feelings as MUCH and as OFTEN as we can?

This is what I was talking about above when I said that we often ruin our happiness without even knowing it. We are too careless about the things we surround ourselves with.

Again: remember how powerful visualization is.
Now if visualizing with your eyes closed is so powerful, then how powerful are the things we see during our day?

You guessed it: they are crucial!

Which is why we should detox our lives from everything/everyone that brings negativity into our lives, and start surrounding ourselves with the things/people we love! The more we are around things and people we love, the more love we are going to feel, which automatically makes our lives happier and definitely more special, don't you think?

Now it's your turn: what's ONE thing you want to have more of in your life, and what's ONE thing that brings you mostly negativity? Tell me in the comments below!


Have an incredibly good day!



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