6 powerful secrets to achieving goals

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I hope your new year started with a very loud BANG! :) Because this year is going to be AHHH-MAZING! And I would like to be your accomplice on the way. 

I am sure you have made your very own new year's resolutions, right? Like about 95% of the population!! And that is why I have decided to tell you some secrets about making goals and actually achieving them, that no one is telling you out there! 
So here's the thing...there are tons of articles about making goals out there right now, especially this time of year of course! But in my opinion there are a few things missing in those articles...and I want to round the information off for you, so you can make the best of this new year 2016!!


I am sure a lot of you have thought about losing weight, or being more productive, or keeping the house clean, etc. And all of those goals are great – I actually have those three on my list, too! :) The difficulty I see within those goals are the thoughts that they come from. Because most goals are born from a negative thought against ourselves!! 
I want to lose weight comes from: RIGHT NOW I AM FAT! 
I want to be more productive comes from: RIGHT NOW I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! 
I want to keep the house clean comes from: RIGHT NOW I AM LAZY! 

And so throughout the year, every time you slip in to your old habits (and spoiler alert: you most certainly will), you will remind yourself of how fat or lazy or unorganized you are! And out of guilt, you will be angry at yourself! 

Here's how you can turn this whole process into something positive...I call this: POSITIVING... First of all: MAKE PEACE WITH WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW! I am not saying that you don't have flaws...but THAT'S OK!! (If you want to know how to deal with those so-called flaws, check out my article over here!) You are perfect the way you are...with your ups and downs, your goods and bads, your highs and lows. 

With that said...proceed with the same goals you have already stated… BUT...instead, make them the base to something beautiful and meaningful to you. 
Example: I want to be more productive BECAUSE I am determined to finish my book this year!! 
Or: I want to keep the house clean BECAUSE I am inviting more friends over this year!! 

You get what I am heading to, don't you?
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I am really sorry to be the one to say this to you, but as I mentioned above, you most certainly will slip into your old habits every once in a while. Statistics suck sometimes, I know!
Forgive yourself for that, because it's OK!! You are not Mrs. (or Mr.) Perfect, and you shouldn't be...what would be the fun in THAT!! That is NO reason to give up on your goal! There's just NO.REASON.TO.GIVE.UP… 
A little slip every once in a while is no excuse to abandon your goals completely. Quite the contrary...it only proves that you're a human being – and that is a GREAT thing, don't you think?

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I KNOW! I am contradicting every single article about goal-setting and -achieving out there. But you know what?! I am fine with that, because in my opinion, focussing on one goal alone is going to accomplish only one thing: it will get you bored...and I am pretty sure that is the number 2 reason to quit (number 1 being the slips I just mentioned… :)). 
I am not saying that you should focus on ALL your annual goals at once – that would be just insane! But while you are actively working on goal number one you could already prepare goal number two, maybe by searching for different approaches or simply looking for inspiration out there! 
Let's face it ladies, life is mostly volatile, chaotic and permanently changing. So why would we want to try and achieve our goals in such a straight-lined way? Exactly, it makes no sense…


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This is another reason of why it is so important to try different things at once. Scientists have found out, that if you really want to change a certain behavior, you need to change the circumstances, in which this behavior shows up a lot.

For example, if you are trying to quit smoking (because you want to breath in deep without coughing – remember to make a positive approach… :), and if you always used to have a cigarette with your coffee, then you should try to drink more tea for the next few weeks. You know what I mean, right? 
Shake up your routines a little. Get yourself some music for your car to sing out loud if that is where you were mostly smoking...Keep your head spinning around the routine that you have shaken up...that way you won't be thinking that much about the actual thing you are really trying to avoid.


This is no all or nothing situation! You choose your own terms! So whatever your plan is, you make your own decisions! In this case I will tell you a little bit about my own goals. Last year I decided to change my eating behavior. 
Honestly my food intake was really really REALLY bad. A lot of fast food and chocolate...
And so I started researching about human needs in food. I tried almost everything: from Paleo to Whole30. From NO sugar to Vegan. And I found out one thing: all of these types of balanced diets were good in it's own way. But I kept coming back to my old habits, because they were all too strict. Food intake is supposed to be something to look forward to. And I wasn't. And so I decided to adapt the diets to my own life. 
I have stuck to the no sugar and vegan way of life, but to my own conditions. And it works REALLY well! I have my exceptions (like the cow milk for my coffee), and I am happy with it. 

Because the important thing was to eat healthier, not to learn to sacrifice or something! Sometimes those little exceptions are what in the end makes us stick to our plans. And 98 % achieved to me is better than given up due to frustration.


And this brings me directly to my last point! Make your goal-achieving FUN!! 
So you want to make your life better? That fact alone makes you an AWESOME person!! You want to live this one life you have to the fullest! 

You should not only celebrate once your goal is achieved! You should have some fun ALONG THE WAY, too!

So if you are trying some new food types like me, why not make a dinner party with exactly that food for friends? 
Or if you are determined to be as fit as a fiddle, why not start by buying some new fitness clothes? 
The options are endless. Every goal can be made more fun! 
Trying to get your house clean? Make your very own playlist first and put it on really LOUD!! 

Or another idea: include as many people in your new goal as possible...that always makes it more fun!! Your friends can't do anything with your goal? Then join a facebook-group or a Pinterest-Board where you can share your experiences with like-minded people!! 

The thing is: every time you think about your goal, you should be smiling!! Not counting days...

So what do you think? Do these secrets finally sound inviting to you to finally get your goal-achieving-game going? Well, that is the way me and my clients do things around here… :) You want to join the fun?
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For now, I wish you an incredibly good day!



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