Are you wondering why you are not reaching your goals! Here are 3 exercises that will help you SLAY IT and BE SUCCESSFUL!

This week we are talking about POSITIVE THINKING! And so I am going to talk about how we need to rewire our brain to actually achieve the goals we set for ourselves. 
THIS should be the FIRST step to any goal in life - building a strong positive foundation of it in our mind.

´Cause let's be honest here for a moment: fear and doubt are going to show up through every process of change. That's a fact. It's written in our DNA. And there's nothing we can do about it.
BUT...what we can do is build a positive counterpart to these feelings of fear and doubt.

Positive thoughts to bring the balance back to the plus side whenever those negative feelings seem to take control of our thoughts. And all you need is the following three steps to master the art of POSITIVING during a phase of change:

Exercise 1: Shift your mindset from HATE to LOVE

January is usually the month we talk about healthy fuels for our body: the way we eat, drink and sleep.
We all know that these forms of giving back to our body are crucial. But we only notice that we are doing something wrong when we feel tired, or bloated, or itchy, or because something is not working properly, like our digestion, our sleeping cycles or whatever it is that makes us feel un-well!

And so most of the times, when we decide that we want to change a routine in our life, it's because we hate something our old routine is causing. 
For example: 
"I want to change my sleeping routine because I hate how tired I look in the morning."
"I want to change the way I eat because I hate that I feel bloated all the time."
"I want to drink more because I read that being hydrated makes those odious wrinkles go away!"

As you can imagine, being in a state of hate is not the best way to start a healthy routine. It should begin with LOVE! So your FIRST thought should be something like this: 

- I LOVE my body because it works 24 hours a day 7 days a week just to keep me alive and well! And so I am going to do everything I possibly can to help it do it's job!
- I LOVE to romp around with my children and I need to be well-rested to really enjoy it.
- If I would hydrate my body properly, I'd be more concentrated after work to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.

The part where we sleep like babies, our wrinkles get diminished and our digestion works fantastically - that part is a collateral goodie as a result of us taking care of ourselves.

Exercise 2: Forget about your past

Well, of course I don't want you to really forget about your past. At least not all of it. Only about those parts that trigger your negative beliefs about yourself.

For example, let's say you've tried at least 5 times to change your diet within the last few years. And for some reason you think you failed - maybe because you eventually got back to your old habits, or maybe you didn't lose the amount of weight you were expecting to...

At this point your belief might be: I've tried changing my diet at least 5 times in the last couple of years, but it didn't last. I'll never be disciplined enough. 

Raise your hand if you've ever thought or felt like that (*THIS girl is raising her hand right now*). So that's where I come in and say: 

"Try again as if you had never tried it before!".

Don't think about those times you've already failed (I call it 'learned').
Those times you think you didn't succeed, you were learning how to do it! You were preparing yourself for this moment where you would give it another shot.

You weren't the same person back then as you are right now! You've grown a little, changed a little...and maybe this time you find the way it works best for you.
And if you don't, that's ok, too! Then this will be another step towards your end goal!

But right now, anything can happen. You might be surprised what this new you is capable of...

Exercise 3: Be friends with your inner critic


Trust me, your inner critic will be there throughout whatever challenge it is you want to go about. And that's ok, because it was created by evolution.

Originally, that inner voice was there to warn us from danger or harm. And it did it's job amazingly well most of the time (otherwise the human race would have been erased, obviously!).
Nowadays, we live in the most peaceful times EVER in human history, so this inner warning siren isn't needed as much for it's original purpose. 
But it still warns us, it warns us of things we want to avoid. Things we are afraid of. And so every time we feel insecure, afraid, unsure or frustrated, it rushes in and starts whispering mean things in our ear:

"Don't do this! Remember the last time you tried? You FAILED miserably."
"Don't try that! You are not good enough, you'll feel defeated in the end."
"This is too huge for you, you'll stumble and fall! Stay in your comfort zone and you'll be safe."

Once again: raise your hand if you've noticed this little voice in your head at any given moment in your life (*THIS girl is raising both her hands*).

Well, I only have ONE exercise left for you today! Think of one goal you have wanted to tackle for quite a while now, but didn't try because you thought it was just too much.
Now that you know that it's your inner critic that was telling you all those mean things in your head every time you thought about tackling that goal, you can go ahead and dismantle him (or her). 
So go ahead and write down what exactly what it is your inner critic is constantly throwing to your face.


Ok, NOW I want you to take all of those sentences and make them the opposite. Yes, imagine your inner critic was nice and would NOW tell you things like:

"You can do this, honey! You think you failed last time, but you didn't. You were preparing yourself for this moment."
"Don't be scared, you have what it takes! Imagine how great you're going to feel once you've done it!"
"Don't be afraid, even if you stumble or fall, you can always come back up on your feet!"

How does that feel for a change? Well you have just learned the magic of positive thinking. It means taking your most negative thoughts and feelings and willingly turning them into positive ones. TADAAAA!

Do this every day and soon your inner critic will be your bestie!

Ok guys, now let's go out there and feel supported by our inner voice!

Your inner voice can be trained by you! It can be formed by you! YOU ARE your inner voice!

So remember to be nice to yourself!

Hey there gorgeous! If you want more exercises or happiness secrets, go ahead an check out my resource library. You'll find tons of workbooks and printables to help you on your way to happiness!

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