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I am not saying that our weight isn't important. We definitely shouldn't let it get out of control. BUT I am convinced that weight loss is the worst reason to get your body movin'! Here are 21 REAL reasons why you should!
I am not saying that our weight isn't important. We definitely shouldn't let it get out of control. BUT I am convinced that weight loss is the worst reason to get your body movin'! Here are 21 REAL reasons why you should!

I am not saying that our weight isn't important. We definitely shoudn't let it get out of control.
BUT I am convinced that weight loss is the worst reason to get your body movin'!

That is why today I am going to give you 21 different and REALLY life-changing reasons to start exercising!
So get your workout clothes on and follow me!


But before we get started I want you to know that I made you a checklist with all these life-changing reasons to help you with a visual reminder every day!


Regular workouts have proven to improve cholesterol levels, lowering the BAD one and improving the GOOD one!

It's also scientifically proven that working out on a regular basis lowers AND even prevents high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

Your heart is "just" another muscle in your body. By training it, it becomes stronger. Easy, right?


Are you one of the persons who can't even touch their toes when they bend over? I used to be one of them.

And then I became a mom and my kids showed me the benefits of being flexible!
Moving gets just so much lighter and easier! AND more fun!

Not only that, but you can also prevent joint stiffness that comes with age! If you are over 30 and EVER tried to stand up after sitting in a certain position for the last 30 minutes, you'll know what I am talking about! ;)


You'll know by now that I am not a fan of obsessing with weight loss. But I am a total fan of SHAPING whatever weight you've got!

This makes a shift from just wanting to be like the girls you see on TV or in magazines, to HONORING your own body and making it SHINE!

Now THAT'S a way of self love!


Let me give you a few real life examples: 

Did you ever have to run to catch a bus? 
Or chase after your kids because they were fighting?
Or the last time you had to move your washing machine...did you end up covered in sweat and cursing because you couldn't get it pushed even 1 inch?

Those are just 3 out of a million examples where your overall strength matters! And every single one of those would be enough for me to get my workout shoes on! I hate feeling like I can't be fast or strong enough for those daily things. I don't exactly want to run a marathon. I want to be strong enough to move my frickin' washing machine if I ever HAVE TO!


I feel like this goes hand in hand with the overall strength part. Moving your washing machine was just a small example.

Imagine the feeling of pride when you realize your body is able to improve it's strength and flexibility constantly if you train it a little.

Not only will you feel more capable, but you will automatically improve your posture. You'll stand more upright. You'll feel comfortable in your own body.


When we think of health improvements of exercise, we always tend to think of cardiovascular aspects. And that is important and SO TRUE!

But what we often don't know is that improved blood circulation can ALSO give you amazing benefits for a healthy and vibrant skin.
The improved blood flow happens also in your skin cells, so they get more healthy nutrients and more oxygen, both indispensable for when they get replaced with new ones (did you know that every skin cell is replaced within 28 days?).


This beneficial outcome can be as obvious as blowing off steam while jogging after a tough day at the job or as subtle as being more calm the next time the waiter messes up your order in a restaurant.

And it's not only that exercising pumps up your endorphins WHILE you're working out, it also helps you take your mind off the things that are causing anxiety and stress.
So it works on both ends!

Also, the chemicals that are released when you're in a stressful state prepare your body to fight or take flight. By exercising, you can make sure these chemicals diminish.


We already stated that the improved blood flow can improve the transmission of biochemicals in your body. Well the same thing happens with the biochemistry in your brain.

According to the Harvard University, exercising regularly "stimulates brain regions that are involved in memory function to release a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF rewires memory circuits so they work better." (Read the whole article here!)


Up until now we have discussed a ton of physical improvements once you make working out a regular thing.If you put all of these things together, this is what you get. More energy!

More energy to put into your amazing life! 


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Newest scientific research has shown that as little as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise per day can not only improve the quantity, but also the QUALITY of your sleep.

Just be careful with the time of day you exercise. To some people, the effects of exercise too close to bedtime could lead to the opposite outcome - insomnia. Try it out and see what times work best for you!


Yes, people! There's a chance that you could prevent yourself from getting cancer because of working out!

Now I know you'll say that COULD is a very vague word! And I know there are cases of really sporty people who got sick with this terrible disease.

I know we can never rule out getting sick entirely. But if there's a way for me to lower my probability - count me in!


How much cooler than weight loss is THIS?! So the chances are that if you exercise regularly, with all the benefits it already has, you ALSO are more likely to get a few years more in this amazing world!!

Not only that but those few years you might gain, those will be more active, with less probability of severe diseases.

So if you don't do it for yourself, at least do it for the people who love you and want to have you around a lot longer...(ok, I know, I am getting a little dramatic - but whatever it takes to get you movin', lady!)


This goes even beyond the release of biochemicals like the former mentioned BDNF and others.

If you exercise on a regular basis, you are triggering some of the most important feelings on your way to happiness.

You are being self loving, you are taking care of yourself, you are taking control in your health matters, you are improving your life. You are also challenging yourself, which is a part of self-improvement. 

All of these things will make you feel happier, more in charge of your life.


I know a pretty dress, the right high heels and a little make-up can go a long way.

But trust me on this one, you'll feel the moment you're finally comfortable in your own skin. You will glow from the inside out. 

THEN you can add a little extra with the dress and the heels and the make-up. No one said you can't get a little extra help. It's just that feeling comfortable and confident within your own skin is the foundation.


Having a unsatisfying sex life can have several reasons.
From hormonal imbalances that lead to lowered sex drive and anxiety issues to simply not feeling pretty or sexy enough.

Working out can help you with each and every one of these problems.
Maybe you won't feel the improvement after only one session of exercise, but I can promise you the long term effects are scientifically proven!


Every time you work out, you are putting yourself first. You are making health a priority. And your body will definitely return the favor.

Well actually your body is working it's butt of to keep you healthy and well each and every day of your life. By exercising you are putting in your teeny tiny part in the process.

Did I make you feel a little guilty for NOT working out today...? ;)


Which is why I am getting directly to this point!

As I just mentioned, your body has been working relentlessly since the day you were born to keep you alive, well and healthy!

We all should be thankful for that and notice ALL that our body does, instead of only pointing at what we think it doesn't do and all that it isn't!

By working out you are helping your body help YOU! That is much more important than a thigh gap, don't you think?


Didn't you ever wonder what your body is capable of?

That feeling when you realize that your body can now do something it couldn't two weeks ago...WOW!

Every time I see someone swirl around doing breakdance, I think: MAN, he is only human, just as me!!
This means that I could DO something like that too, if I only put myself up to it!!! Isn't that inspiring?


The sooner I can teach my kids that they can develop themselves further, that they could DO anything they wanted and worked hard enough to reach, that their body is capable or AMAZING things (like the breakdance-thing I just talked about), the more curious they will become.

Or at least that is my hope. Doesn't mean I am going to push them to any dancing or kids gym class on the planet. But I think that if I show them how amazing it is to live an active life, the more they will naturally implement this into their own life.


If you have kids, you know how endless their energy can be!

And I have been upset with myself more than once for not being able to keep up with them. I always end up being exhausted LONG before they are even slightly done being crazy!

What a shame! And so I am determined to up my being-crazy-game. Is there a more beautiful reason to start working on your endurance?


Ok, this one may sound ridiculous. But I've had one big excuse during my whole life. I used to say this about myself:

I am not a sports person.

This is how I labelled myself for decades. And it was the most comfortable thing to do.
Every time someone outpaced me in gym class (and trust me, that happened a lot!), every time someone wanted me to try some new activity and I was afraid I wouldn't be sporty enough to do it, every time I was having remorses for sitting on the couch instead of getting outside where the fresh air and the sun was waiting.

You know what I mean, right? Have you ever thought about what COULD happen if you just threw that label away? You were finally free to be whoever you wanted, even an active person! Go for IT!!

Now tell me gorgeous, out of these more than 21 reasons I just gave you to put on your workout clothes RIGHT NOW, which one is the most eye-opening for you?

Just leave a comment below, let's see if we can cheer each other on!

And don't forget to get your checklist, print it out and hang it up! I want you to see your reason up on the wall! It will keep you going!


Have an incredibly good day!



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