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10+ journaling ideas that will help you be your best you

You think journaling is for people who have always had a thing for diaries and JUST LOVE writing? You couldn’t be more wrong...Journaling is for the COOL KIDS these DAYS!!

Today I am going to present you 10+ journaling ideas to practice to become your best self! And trust me, half of them don’t require more than 2-word-sentences! Some of them don’t even necessarily require a pen.

Did I peak your interest? Then let’s just go!

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How to transform your life by transforming your home

We spend most of our time at home. How come we treat it like someone else’s place or even worse - a trash can?

Here’s what I’ve found looking inside the homes of people. It’s an accumulation of convenient findings mixed up with leftovers from other homes on top of things we THINK we should be owning!

And you know what the worst thing is? We hate taking care of our space! Cleaning our space is nothing more than something we HAVE to do. I’ll tell you what our home SHOULD be like:

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Visualizing 101 - 5 ways to bring your future into existence

Every day we have around 70.000 thoughts (alright, some say between 12k and 55k, some say it's more than that. Let's just say: manymanymany). I mean: HOLY MOLY!
And according to most coaches, scientists, psychologists and even so-called spiritual leaders, those thoughts are the bricks that build our lives. Because what we think about is what we supposedly care about. And so that is what we put our most energy into, agreed?

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10+ things to do in the morning to mess up your whole day

How many times have I read about what to do to have a healthy morning routine, or how to prep for productivity in the mornings…

And although those posts are really helpful, we often read them and can’t really relate because our mornings look just so DIFFERENT from that.

So I thought: how about I change the perspective? What if I put the cart before the horse? I really felt like we could all relate more to this kind of list. Shall we dive in?

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