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3 powerful elements for a strong fresh start in life

Are you asking yourself this question often: “What should I do with my life?”

You’re trying so hard to figure out what your purpose of life is, and you get stuck by trying to figure out what exactly you need to change in order to live your dream life. Right? You just don’t know where to get started.

Well I’m here to give you a hint at something you might not have been even searching for, because you didn’t even know it was possible.

Maybe you’re not supposed to change this and that. No, you’re not. You are supposed to create a whole new life, from scratch! And today I am going to teach you how to get started with your FRESH START!

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20 awesome things to do to start loving yourself more

I believe that a happy life can be achieved by learning 4 basic steps: LOVING YOURSELF, THINKING POSITIVELY, VISUALIZING AND GOAL SETTING.

This week is all about SELF LOVE. And man, this is an important one! It's actually the base of the basics, you know what I mean? Without self love there can't be no positive thinking, and therefore no happy life…

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How to start loving who you truly are

Today I want to talk to you about something every single one of us has to deal with. Our so-called „flaws“.I know you guys can think of at least one thing, a character trait, a particular habit, an atribute that you would call your quirk or defect. 
And although we often say, that our quirks are what make us human, or that they are kind of cute, sometimes they can be really afflicting.

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10+ things to do in the morning to mess up your whole day

How many times have I read about what to do to have a healthy morning routine, or how to prep for productivity in the mornings…

And although those posts are really helpful, we often read them and can’t really relate because our mornings look just so DIFFERENT from that.

So I thought: how about I change the perspective? What if I put the cart before the horse? I really felt like we could all relate more to this kind of list. Shall we dive in?

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How and why to be your very own Happy Valentine

No matter if you’re in a relationship or not, you just can’t get passed St. Valentine’s Day without noticing the hearts, the greeting cards, the flowers and the offerings of what THE BEST romantic gesture for your loved one is.

And I’m a total fan of going with the flow and make the best of the chances we get to celebrate love! But I also want to remind you that love should be in us and around us each and every day!

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