How to live a happier life one month at a time

You want a step-by-step tutorial on how to become the happiest and most intentional person around? Read this jam packed post and download the FREE 2018 calendar NOW!
You want a step-by-step tutorial on how to become the happiest and most intentional person around? Read this jam packed post and download the FREE 2018 calendar NOW!
You want a step-by-step tutorial on how to become the happiest and most intentional person around? Read this jam packed post and download the FREE 2018 calendar NOW!

This week I want to let you in on my secret sauce! My approach on how to be happy! The things I do to live a better life than I have ever imagined. The way I manage to live a happy life and be the most intentional with the things I spend time growing.

And THE HAPPY 12 - my 12-month self coaching approach is the answer to all of that questions!

The Happy 12 approach was born a few years ago out of the thought that I wasn’t at all living the life I wanted! I was just letting my life be dictated by my outer occurings. The people I was meeting along my way, the things that were happening to me out of coincidence (that’s what I thought at that time).


There was actually an aha-moment that woke me up. I read a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. And it changed my life.

Because through this book I realized one CRUCIAL part of everyone’s HAPPINESS.

I realized that life wasn’t happening TO me, neither the good nor especially the bad, but that I was unconsciously shaping every second of it.

Which subsequently meant, that I could shape it to my liking! I had the answers to all of my prayers inside of me. And I had the power to change my life if I wanted to.

I instantly felt LIBERATED! No more uncontrollable streaks of bad luck or unfortunate coincidences. The ball was in MY COURT! All I had to do is pick it up and start pointing.

Need resources?

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I started reading self help books and watching masterclasses and learning a ton about the power of positive thoughts and how goal setting could change my life. I devoured everything. And it became the basis to my coaching practice.

But there was something missing. I started setting goal after goal, but it was kind of really random. I wanted a walkthrough. A complete guide to a level 10 life. And I found...nothing! All I saw was approaches that focussed on only single aspects.

Like “Become really happy through connecting to your spirituality.”

Or “Meditate each day to be happier.”

Or “Eat healthy and become really happy.”

On the other hand, I knew that I needed to start setting goals to actually get where I wanted to be, but I only found “ultimate guides” to SETTING goals. Which was totally great! But I wanted someone to tell me WHAT GOALS to set. Where should I start? I wanted a complete schedule. Like something repetitive to KEEP my life intentional.

To change your life, you need to MOVE!! And for that to happen, you need to do stuff! Learn more about how to live a happy life NOW!


I started to notice that 30-day-challenges came along and were very popular. And that came from the realization that in order to achieve goals, you need to work towards them by doing little things each day. The word HABITS became a BIG one. And I learned that habits take around 21 days to stick. After implementing them steadily, your brain makes them a part of your routine. So I knew that a 30-day time frame was the perfect one to grow in one area of life by setting yourself goals, and then setting up a few tiny and powerful habits that would help you achieve your goal.


I still had no complete walkthrough. I knew how to set intentional goals and I knew about the power of tiny habits that become a routined thing and get you to achieve your intentions. But I still had no idea what exactly to focus on growth-wise. How could I set myself up a schedule to follow through? I started thinking about what life was made up of. And it took me several years and a few sets of trial and error to realize there are 3 BIG AREAS in life we should focus on:

  1. Ourselves

  2. Our surroundings

  3. Our relationships

These are the main focus areas.

Alright, your first thought might be that it’s kind of an egomaniac way to approach things...but it’s not. The reason it all starts with ourselves is that we need to be aligned with who we really are, appreciate the person we are and be intentional with who we want to be. And THEN we can build up on that. The relationships come last because they’re the most difficult thing to work on. They involve another human being with all of his/hers goals and perspectives after all. So you need to be very clear and set in your own universe first before you go ahead and start working on harmonizing it with someone else’s universe.

After I got super clear about the main focus areas, I started dissecting them further. Because I knew that making goals to grow ourselves as a person for example would take MORE than 30 days. So I divided “OURSELVES” into 3 sections:

  1. How we FUEL our bodies food-wise, drink-wise and rest-wise

  2. How we MOVE our bodies aka the fitness part

  3. How we appear on the outside aka the way we LOOK and dress

Then I started dissecting the part of “OUR SURROUNDINGS”. This was such a broad subject, it needed the most time for all to be taken into consideration. And it not only meant thinking about the stuff we surround ourselves with, it also took a look at what we spend our time doing. So here’s the whole step system:

  1. Letting go of clutter aka how to DE-CLUTTER our lives regularly

  2. Taking care of the things that remain, aka how to make a neat CLEANING schedule

  3. Making our HOMES BEAUTIFUL, a place where we feel alive and where our goals can come to life

  4. Finding out what we enjoy doing and making that a bigger part of our time aka JOB/PURPOSE

  5. Making sense of our relationship with MONEY and having a healthy mindset around it

The reason why I have separate months for decluttering goals, then cleaning goals and then decorating goals is pretty easy. You MIGHT think it would be less time-consuming to make just one goal called “THE STUFF AROUND US”. But while all the other goals work by changing our mindsets and  implementing little habits that continue with us once the actual goal is achieved, the way we deal with the stuff around us is by actually taking the time to look at it, touch every single item, decide whether it’s worth staying in our possession. Once we know what stays and what we’re kicking out we focus on how to take care of what we DO have. Room by room. And THEN we go from room to room once again to figure out how we want it to look. That takes a LOT of time, which is why we needed to stretch the time frame.

Now the last big area was the most important and sometimes most neglected one. Most of us never think of parenting or our friendships as something to set up an intention for. But I knew that the PEOPLE we surround ourselves with are what influences us THE MOST! So in order to live a happy life, we need to make how we spend time with each other intentional. So these are the 4 different types of RELATIONSHIPS we should be taking into consideration when we set goals for our lives:




  4. Our ROOTS aka the FAMILY and even the background we come from

Once I was done determining what goals to set and in which order it would make sense to set them, I realized that I finally had my schedule. The one thing I was missing with all the other coaching programs out there.

Suddenly it all became clear to me. These are the 12 areas that if focussed on on a regular basis, would get me to live the life I really wanted! I would always be working on myself (body, mind & soul), my surroundings (deciding what things and experiences I really wanted in my life) and the relationships with the people around me. That was all I needed to grow myself into the happiest version of myself.


All of the goals I mentioned above are really narrowed down and pretty particular. I’ve seen coaching programs that don’t even narrow down to so much detail. They set goals attached to spirituality, emotions and personal growth.

One example is the quite famous habit to choose one word of the year. The reason I don’t do that is that I think it’s too broad of an approach. Life and what you want to achieve with it has so many different aspects. And maybe I want to be more courageous in one aspect (like money mindset), and focus on being more gentle and delicate in another aspect (like parenting or marriage).

So what I do is that I put the cart before the horse.

I have the 3 main areas of focus divided into 12 easy to handle goal settings, and for each setting I decide on how I want personal growth, what emotions I want to feel, how I can link it to my spiritual journey, and so on.


So after years of implementing and developing, I made my own calendar system to have everything written down and to link it to my day-to-day life. Which to me is the most important thing! It’s so easy to get lost in our daily routines, I needed a space where I could focus on the journey to happiness. Make a commitment to it and make it a PRIORITY!

And I wouldn’t be me if I kept this jewel to myself. If you hop on over to my RESOURCE LIBRARY, you’ll find the whole 2018 calendar FOR FREE!

There’s a few goodies in there you won’t find anywhere else. Like a weekly spread totally adjusted to keep your goals alive throughout the year. So you have space to note what you’ll do that week to nurture your relationships, how you’ll take care of your surroundings that week AND of course you can jot down your daily meals and how you plan on moving your body. This calendar is PACKED!!

Yet it also leaves room for a gratitude log, your weekly journaling prompt and your fav quote.

Got curious? Hop on over to the RESOURCE LIBRARY and get your happiness journey going!!

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