Step OUT of your mind-numbing daily routine and IN to your BEST & HAPPIEST LIFE!
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Hi there, I'm Verena!

I'm an enthusiastic life transformer, an insatiable learner AND a true believer in the magic of human potential.

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If you take a look at your life right now...

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...does the question "Is this it?!" cross your mind on a regular basis? you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because you're not looking forward to what's expecting you each day? you feel like running out of time to fulfill your dreams? DESPERATELY WANT to change but you just don't know where to start?


This website was built to be your very own batcave.
The place where you can arm yourself and suit up before you get out there and kick some serious life goal butt!!

*I just love superhero metaphors*


Wanna get right NOW?!

Here are some of the things I have ligned up for you so far...



This challenge is a 7-day email series packed with exercises and tips & tricks for every day use. No vague examples or theories, just day-to-day-approved, easy to follow and success-promising assignments. After this challenge, you'll wake up excited for your life!


This library is jam-packed with actionable workbooks, pretty printables to get you journaling, goal-setting and planning your bright & happy life! Here you get all the tools you need to start creating your most amazing life!

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I've made you a LIFE BOOK! A planner with 12 challenges (one for each month) to create your most exceptional & happy life! Can't wait to share more details!


This is my weekly email newsletter for VIPs and other insiders! Each email is full of insights and it always, ALWAYS has an assignment to get you started creating RIGHT AWAY!


I connect to my audience on a daily basis, especially on Instagram. I put a lot of effort in my posts, they ALWAYS have a little assignment or a "try this" approach. Or you could soak up some inspiration over at my Pinterest or get motivated on my Facebook Page!


The 4 pillars of my coaching:


1. Self love

This is the most important pillar of my whole coaching practice. This is what I teach my students FIRST THING! Without self love you would be striving for someone else's life - not your own.



3. Goal setting

Goal setting is almost a buzz word in the modern society. And yes, you COULD live a good life without setting goals, but it DOES make your decisions and actions so much more intentional! I'll show you how to make goals that fit your intentions and your lifestyle, while still being FUN TO ACHIEVE!!


2. Positive mindset

This pillar is most certainly the hardest to learn. I always get all science-geaky about this one. Because our thoughts are a very subtle yet immensly powerful form of influence in what life you are living! And this has nothing to do with woo-woo, but with very clear and definite scientific laws.


4. Visualization

We all have been practicing visualization since when we were little, although back then it was called DAYDREAMING.
But we stop doing it because society keeps telling us to 'stop dreaming and grow up!'.
We're going to change that. This tribe is full of BIG DREAMERS. Come join us!


Why should I be your coach?




I have been working as a manager for two huge international companies (one american, one swedish) for several years. These two jobs taught me a lot about BEING A GOOD LEADER, not a boss, being a TEAM PLAYER, being ORGANIZED, ENVISION A NEW PROJECT and many other things. But most importantly they taught how important it is to have a POSITIVE WORKING SPACE, HAPPY CO-WORKERS and that THE FIRST STEP TO TAKING CARE OF OTHERS IS TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. Does work-life-balance ring a bell? Exactly.




My RESEARCH OF HAPPINESS, the purpose of life and other basic human questions began WHEN I WAS 16 (!!). My father had died suddenly and I started questioning my whole existence, while other girls my age were focussing on things like matching shoes & purses. *as if being a teenager wasn't hard enough already*



the moment things changed

A few years later, I was living & working in Spain, I read a BOOK ON THE POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS and how they could change our lives. I had a huge aha-moment and started studying several teachers and their teachings. Wallace Wattles, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols. Just to name a few. The more I learned about HOW SCIENTIFIC THE APPROACH of positive thinking was, the more I loved and practiced it. And the more I did THAT, the higher my happiness and success levels became. ;)




That was when I decided that I wanted to teach as many women as I could all that I had researched. UNFORTUNATELY, this knowledge is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND NEAR OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS. And so the best way to make sure people learn this is by TEACHING THEM FURTHER ALONG THEIR LIVES. The idea of becoming a Happiness and Life Coach was born. 5 years ago my dream reached a new level when I finished my studies and got my COACHING LICENCE.



GLÜCK what?

I was born in Germany, raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in Spain for years. That is one of the reasons I decided to start this website in English, so I could reach as many people as I could. And it's also the reason for my project's name: ALL ABOUT GLÜCK. GLÜCK MEANS HAPPINESS IN GERMAN.


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So now let’s get to the personal stuff!

I am a very lucky gal

I am married to a supportive, caring, loving and funny guy. I mean, what more could I ask for, right? Oh yeah, he's handsome, too! *blushysmile*
We have two incredibly cute daughters. They are both under the age of five, so you can imagine that juggling kids & career can be quite challenging right now. Which is why I am so thankful for my job, because it allows me to be there for my family as much as it needs me! And thankful for my husband because he is there for our kids every time I can't be.




Right now we are living in Germany, in a small town near Cologne in the midwest. We are really enjoying it here because it's close to both our parents. I really want them to be connected to our kiddos! Believe me, it's a win:win! Especially now that our kids are little.



our place

I am really a fan of remodeling, reorganizing and redecorating our place (to my husband's slight dislike: "Honey, where did you put the kid's socks now?")! I can't and I actually don't want to help it. I just want to make our home the best and most beautiful I can. We spend so much time of our lives here. I don't want to commit to anything that isn't charming, delightful, useful, helpful, marvelous or fill in the blank with any other positive word you know. I want every step in our place to feel amazing and inspiring.



being organized

I have to put in a lot of energy into being organized. Because my nature has a highly right-brain tendency! Over the years I had to work really hard to polish that virtue, and yet still I forget a lot of things during my busy weeks as entrepreneur and mama of two! (I realize how understanding my family and friends are...thanks for that you all!!).




Me and my husband we have quite a similar taste in superhero-scifi-fantasy movies and series. I mean the whole package: Star Wars, X-Men, all the different Star Trek Series (yes, even Deep Space Nine), Lord of the Rings, and others...and also we like printed t-shirts, so you might see some of our favorite heroes on some of my photos. *please don't judge* :)



being silly

I believe that being silly from time to time makes us happier! That is why you may find me making funny faces to the camera or jumping on the bouncy castle right next to my kids (who still let me - wait 'til their 10!). I highly recommend increasing your goof-around time. It's healthy as hell!

Life goals 2018


(You can ask something about science camps nearby, but I'm afraid the search results will be scarce to say the LEAST! If you really want to get the most out of your time on my website, it should be around these topics: SELF LOVE, POSITIVE THINKING, GOAL SETTING or DAYDREAMING, aka VISUALIZATION!)